WSK Medical nominated for the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100

WSK Medical is proud to be part of the finalists of the annual Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) Innovation Top 100 with Zeno AI. Zeno AI is the first Artificial Intelligence solution on the market for the real-time detection and classification of throat cancer during an endoscopic examination.

The nomination shows that the selection committee sees the added value of Zeno AI. The problem Zeno AI is solving, is that it is very hard to detect and classify throat cancer during a routine endoscopic examination of the throat. Additional examinations increase healthare costs that are not always needed, and waiting time enables a worse overall survival for throat cancer. The average waiting time in the Netherlands is 37 days. 

Zeno AI can potentially solve these problems, by providing real-time feedback during the endoscopic examination. In the near future, ENT clinicans can decide the same day what would be the best care path. More efficiant use of follow-ups can also lower healthcare costs on benign lesions, as the clinical standard now dictates a biopt if the clinican is in doubt about the type of lesion.

Zeno AI is currently under evaluation for CE-MDR as a class IIb and WSK Medical also started applying for reimbursement for Zeno AI. 

An example of Zeno AI at work. Here you see Zeno AI detecting a Carcinoma during a endoscopic examination (laryngoscope).

“We are very excited about this nomination and hope we can leave the event with a high nomination. If we end up winning the award, it would be such a boost for our hard work” says Marius Wellenstein, CEO and founder of WSK Medical.

About WSK Medical

WSK Medical develops Artificial Intelligence software solutions for the detection and classification of cancer. Our aim is to bring you the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to assist Clinicians and Doctors. We do this by working in partnership, to develop sophisticated AI systems. For more information about our AI solutions, please contact us.

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