Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

We develop AI-supported clinical systems to assist in the early detection of cancerous tumours

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Zeno Pathology

Our CE certified, AI automated analysis pipeline for digital pathology.

Zeno Pathology has the flexibility to be integrated into your existing workflow with the ability to perform whole slide image analysis as a background task. 

Zeno AI

Our real-time, automated, AI analysis throat cancer detection solution for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

Zeno AI is the first of its kind real-time, automated, AI solution that is able to identify and classify laryngeal lesions at an early stage during an endoscopic examination.

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We believe in assisting clinical specialists with early cancer detection using AI solutions

WSK Medical is an innovative Artificial Intelligence software company focused exclusively on developing leading edge machine learning applications for the medical community. Our aim is to assist clinical specialists in the task of early cancer detection using AI. We do this by working with you in partnership, to develop sophisticated image recognition systems.

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Zeno AI featured article on Open Access Government

The successful launch and implementation of Zeno AI, the first of its kind real-time AI solution for early laryngeal (throat) cancer detection for ENT-surgeons, was the subject of an article published by Open Access Government.



WSK Medical part of the EMPAIA consortium

WSK Medical has signed a partnership agreement with the EMPAIA consortium. With this partnership, WSK Medical aims to add knowledge to the consortium about the development and deployment of AI solutions for early cancer detection.

dutch applied ai awards

WSK Medical nominated for Dutch Applied AI Awards

WSK Medical is proud and honoured to announce the nomination of the 2022 Dutch Applied AI Awards.

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