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WSK Medical is dedicated to develop Artificial Intelligence software solutions for early detection and classification of cancerous tumours


Zeno AI

Our real-time, automated, AI analysis throat cancer detection and classification solution for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

Zeno AI is the first AI solution on the market for the real-time detection and classification of laryngeal benign lesions and Carcinomas at an early stage during an endoscopic examination.


We believe in assisting clinical specialists with early cancer detection and classification using AI solutions

WSK Medical is an innovative Artificial Intelligence software company focused exclusively on developing leading edge machine learning applications for the medical community. Our aim is to assist clinical specialists in the task of early cancer detection using AI. We do this by working with you in partnership, to develop sophisticated image recognition systems.


KWF Grant for WSK Medical and UMC Groningen

KWF Grant for WSK Medical and UMC Groningen

WSK Medical and UMC Groningen Receive KWF Grant to Develop  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for the Detection and Classification of Head and Neck Cancer Focused on Specialised Care Close to the Patients HomeAmsterdam/Groningen, the Netherlands – WSK Medical, a...

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