WSK Medical featured as AI startup of the week

WSK Medical is featured in the AI Startup of the Week column on “In the AI Startup of the Week, the editorial staff of is featuring promising AI startups, their innovations, solutions and challenges. In this fourteenth episode, we are taking a look at WSK Medical, a Dutch AI startup based in Amsterdam building AI solutions for early cancer detection” states the introduction.

The column highlights the technical aspects of Zeno Pathology, the CE certified AI analysis pipeline for breast cancer for pathologists. It also outlines how WSK Medical technically approaches the development and deployment of their AI solutions for cancer detection. “The traditional AI basically deals with the concept of machines being able to act and react like humans only if they have abundant information related to the world. WSK Medical thus makes sure that its software and AI systems have abundant information including “access to objects, categories, properties, and relations between all of them to implement knowledge engineering.” You can read the full column here.

At WSK Medical, our aim is to develop robust, workflow integrated, and clinically valuable AI solutions that assist doctors in detecting cancerous tumours in an early stage. We believe in a strong human-machine collaboration and aim to speed up diagnostic turnaround time that hopefully adds value to the overall cancer care path. If you want to learn more about our AI solutions, please contact us!



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