Zeno AI

Real-time automated AI analysis throat cancer solution for Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Zeno AI offers users an AI solution that performs its analysis in real-time during an endoscopic examination of the throat (laryngoscopy). It can be integrated into your existing workflow, achieving seamless integration to all the relevant clinical / administration systems.

What is the problem?

Head and Neck surgeons are mostly found in academic hospitals, while ENT-surgeons are in every hospital
The complexity of instantly classifying throat tumours and lesions lead to longer waiting times, higher healthcare costs and reduce the overall survival outcome

Our solution

Real-time AI analysis during endoscopic examination
Reduces time to analyse complex throat lesions
Brings the expert knowledge and expertise of Head and Neck surgeons to every ENT-department
Reduces waiting time from weeks to the same day

Identifying and classifying certain types of throat tumours can be difficult for an ENT-surgeon. The expertise of Head and Neck surgeons is crucial for detecting head and neck tumours at an early stage. While ENT-surgeons are in every hospital, Head and Neck surgeons are almost only found in academic hospitals.

The difficulty to instantly classify throat tumours and lesions leads to a longer waiting time for treatment, which can reduce the survival outcome for patients. Furthermore, there is a high cost associated with diagnosing head and neck tumours, which can be ineffective.

Using Zeno AI will give ENT-surgeons a real-time AI analysis platform for early throat cancer detection that can be utilised during an endoscopic examination. Our solution considerably reduces time to analyse complex medical data and assists in diagnosing throat cancer faster.

Zeno AI brings the expert opinion of Head and Neck surgeons to outpatient clinics by providing instantaneous localisation and classification of laryngeal lesions on endoscopic video’s. Faster throat cancer diagnosis can reduce healthcare costs and enables a faster care plan for patients.

Faster throat cancer diagnosis can reduce healthcare costs and enables a faster care plan for patients.

Are you ready to add AI into your daily practice and start saving time, increase speed, precision and accuracy of detecting throat cancer?

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