Ki-67 algorithm from Zeno Pathology in clinical study
zeno pathology

Together with Stacey Joosten et al. from the Netherlands Cancer Institute, WSK Medical collaborated on the clinical study “IHC-based Ki67 as response biomarker to tamoxifen in breast cancer window trials enrolling premenopausal women”.

In this study, we compared pathologist assessed IHC-based Ki67 in samples from pre- and postmenopausal women in a neo-adjuvant, endocrine therapy focused trial and compared these results – among others – with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ki-67 algorithm that is part of our CE certified digital pathology solution Zeno Pathology.

The results from this study showed the added value of using AI in collaboration with doctors to assist in decision-making and analysis of complex, clinical data. The paper can be found here.

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