Dutch government awards the MIT R&D grant to WSK Medical and Slide Score

WSK Medical and Slide Score are proud to announce that their joint AI project (Digital Smart Pathologist) has been awarded the MIT R&D grant from the province Noord-Holland and RVO.

In this project, WSK Medical and Slide Score will develop and integrate an automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) image analysis pipeline for multiple cancer biomarkers (Ki67, ER, PR and Her2) – The Automated Annotation Pipeline (AAP) for whole slide images. This computer vision algorithm will help medical professionals, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry diagnose cancer therefore enhancing patient care.

WSK Medical will develop the automated AI algorithm component of the AAP, and Slide Score will integrate the AAP into their pathologist workflow system within the Slide Score platform.

“We are excited to be able to work on bringing latest research to the clinic. This grant will help us make Slide Score an even better platform to develop, integrate and make use of AI algorithms,” explained Slide Score’s CEO Jan Hudecek.

“We are honored with this support from RVO and province of Noord-Holland for the acknowledgement of our mission to innovate the medical field with our Artificial Intelligence solutions. This is the next step into the future of healthcare.” Marius Wellenstein, COO of WSK Medical.

About Slide Score B.V.
Slide Score is a web-based histopathology image management platform developed with the Netherlands Cancer Institute to help pathologists view, share and gather data from microscopy slides. To learn more, please visit www.slidescore.com.

About WSK Medical
WSK Medical bridges the gap between the medical sector and AI by developing easy-to-use, workflow integrated, clinically valuable AI systems for early cancer detection. We achieve this by translating complex, medical problems into solutions that assist doctors and clinicians in their daily work. Contact us for more information about our AI solutions!

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